Build Your Thriving Therapy Business


Build Your Thriving Therapy Business


Just Imagine…

Imagine having a thriving business that not only gives you the satisfaction of helping thousands of clients, but also gives you freedom in your life.

If you:

Have qualified in a specific therapy

Desire to help hundreds to thousands of people at a time

Envision being financially and time free

Aren’t sure where to start with building your thriving business

I understand because I have been there, too.

I can Help you build the thriving business you Have always wanted.

I’m Dr. Karen E Wells

I’ve been helping thousands of people qualify in their therapy and build a successful business too.

Finding the tools that work for you in your business and for your lifestyle is completely achievable!

I’ve been a successful Therapist for over 15 years helping clients resolve their personal issues.

I’ve taught in many countries around the world including UK, Europe, USA & Australia.

I’m also the author of 2 best selling books and a pioneer in specialized techniques with over 50,000 students enrolled in my courses.

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Private Coaching Program with Dr. Karen E Wells

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Group Coaching Hypnotherapy

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Past Life Regression; Exploring the past to heal the present 

By Dr. Karen E Wells

This book looks at the incredible healing potential of past life regression. If you have ever wondered how going back into your past lives could help you, then this book enables you to see that to go back in time could heal what is going on in your present moment.

Hypnotherapy; A simple solution in a comlex world

By Dr. Karen E Wells

This book is aimed at those with an interest in Hypnotherapy or for those that wish to change career in this rewarding and exciting subject. Covering the history, what Hypnotherapy can help and much more, there is also a FREE MP3 you can download when you purchase the book.

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